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Grainatt — the secondary granules manufacture

Our company produces secondary polypropylene (PP) granules that are almost equivalent to the primary raw material quality.

The main features of our product fully comply with the primary raw polypropylene (PP) granule 01030, which is confirmed by the certificate GOST Р.

The high quality of our production is reached trough modern equipment and technologies, and own raw material basis. This enables us to produce the required high-grade recycled polypropylene (PP) and low density polyethylene(LDPE) granules.

We’re so confident in the quality of our products, that we offer a free trial shipment for each new customer.

Usually, polypropylene (PP) and low density polyethylene (LDPE) granules are unpredictable: it demands equipment adjustment and allows a lot of defects.

This is a disaster for any business — a waste of money, time and the risk of contract failure. But such problems are in the past: Grainatt secondary polypropylene (PP) and low density polyethylene(LDPE) granules completely replace the primary polypropylene equivalent and are far less expensive.

Secondary Grainatt polyethylene (PP) granule: main properties

  • Melt flow rate (MFR): 4-6 g/10 min.
  • Thin extrusion suitability: film 5-7 microns, fishing line 7 microns, polypropylene wire 10 microns.
  • The standard granule size is 2-5 mm; the percentage deviation from the granule size is about 1%.
  • The percentage of defective products is reduced to the features of primary polypropylene.
  • The high toughness of raw material corresponds to the GOST certification system.
  • The secondary granules’ price is 25-50% lower than on the primary polypropylene.

Recycling technology

Have provided technical re-equipment of manufacturing for three times. In 2017, on the new phase of modernization, foreign equipment was installed, which produces 300 tons of recycled granulate per month.

The high quality of our production is reached through the painstaking process of raw selection and the following multistage cleaning system.

Finally, our customers get budget-priced and quality raw materials, ideal for injection molding and extrusion.

Since 2005 Grainatt cooperates with dozens of major companies from Russia and Belarus. We’re proud of the quality of our products, and we cherish our values and continue to keep the direction of the business at the declared level.

Purchase & waste disposal

We offer a partnership to those companies which have an environment-friendly policy. We buy plastic waste coming out of manufacturing, such as big-bags, plastic bags, polyethylene (PP) porous sheets and almost any type of film scrap.

Working with Grainatt, you can solve the recycling problem, cut general and administrative expenses and help to establish favorable environmental baselines.

Our experts assess the quality of waste, however, not all of polyethylene (PP) products are suitable. For example, we do not recycle colored canopies or sulfur bags (or products containing sulfur). The purchase price is calculated individually and depends on the purity, color, and volume of materials. We buy a waste weighting of 300 kg in St. Petersburg and 3 tons in regions of Russia. Large waste shipments we pick up from the storage of the supplier by our own expense.


Become our partner

We invite manufacturers of goods made of polypropylene (PP) and low density polyethylene(LDPE) for cooperation. Experience the quality of our recycled pellets: make sure that it is profitable and convenient. A trial batch weighing 25 kg will be provided.

Our products are delivered in dense branded bags. We additionally wrap each batch with stretch film to avoid contamination, increase the level of humidity and deliver the granules to you in full. It is important for us that Grainatt brand raw materials retain their qualities during transportation.